Creativity: Soul & Heart of Photography

Written by Chris

Creative Photography is The Soul and Heart

In the age of constant bombardment by social media, who among us hasn’t seen examples of a wedding photographer’s work?  In the past month, I have personally had 3 friends get married, and each was more than happy to share their pictures online!

However, does it seem as though something is missing from many of these photographs?  Some may call it ‘soul’ or ‘heart’; but in the eyes of someone in the business, the real answer is quite simple:

CREATIVITY! (Soul & Heart)

A creative photographer brings out the best moments in their clients, transforming otherwise mundane pictures of memorable gatherings into what can only be described as works of art.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it is vitally important for the clients to see examples of your past work.  They’ll want to get a feel for your personal style.  Make sure you choose a wide variety of samples that illustrate your array of talents. 

From the humorous.

To the beautiful.

And everything in between!

Finding out exactly what your clients want is of the utmost importance.  Make sure you know if the wedding you’ll be shooting is more traditional or laid-back, and what style of pictures they may want.  Remember, the clients aren’t just choosing you, you are choosing them as well.  Be honest about your ability to fulfill their needs, and if you feel you can’t, DO NOT accept the job.  You run the risk of not only ruining your reputation as a photographer, but, more importantly, their special day.

Good news: chances are, as an experienced wedding photographer, you are adaptable enough to work with almost any client!  And if you are just starting out, experience is the best teacher you can have.  Never be afraid to let your creativity show, and suggest your own ideas for different shots YOU feel will work best.  Trust me, the happy couple wants to hear your ideas!  Always balance your intuition behind the lens with your clients’ desires.

The collaboration between the photographer and clients are what gives pictures that intangible ‘spark’ that will help attract new business.  Have fun and keep snapping!

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