Wedding Gallery

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Wedding Gallery:

The Gallery of Images. What thoughts does this evoke for you?

A wedding — the planning and the ceremony itself — is a treasure trove of memories. The bliss after saying yes, the excitement and exhaustion due to organising every detail, the pre-wedding jitters, the adrenaline rush on the big day, the butterflies as you walk down the aisle, the sadness as you dance with Dad, and the relief and satisfaction that the man of your dreams is yours forever — all these are part of a bride’s rollercoaster ride of emotions.

However, a few weeks after the wedding, you might begin feeling nothing else but nostalgia. You would try to rack your brain in an attempt to remember everyone’s smiles and emotions during the big day. You would want to relive that beautiful story and treasure the special moments.

There’s no better way to do that than by checking the lovely gallery of photos captured by your trusted wedding photographer. There are couples that put a professional wedding photographer at the bottom of their wedding prep priority list. While there’s nothing wrong in prioritising other things before your gallery of photos, couples must realise that what they are really paying for in wedding photography is equally important to what they are paying for as a total sum of sorts of all the other suppliers put together.


your love story told in a gallery

Your wedding is not about how scrumptiously satisfying the food was or how fragrant the flowers were. Rather, it is about your love story and the emotions of your magical day. Neither the food nor the flowers (among other elements) can immortalise your love story. Only a talented photographer who's in sync with your vision can truly do that!

Looking Back On The Big Day

Wedding photography is about capturing emotions

... the tears, smiles, and more. On your wedding day, you would either be too busy moving around or too consumed by the blissful knowledge that you are now committed to your partner forever!

Either way, the sure thing is you’ll not be able to witness everything on your wedding day. But a wedding photographer can capture the emotions and scenes that you didn’t know happened. It will be a good recording tool to help you review the details that you’ve missed.

Your dream photographer may not necessarily be out of your budget

If you are on a budget, ask your dream photographer what deals he or she might offer you. Never assume they are out of your price range. Also, consider a photographer that is easy to work with. Talent and incredible images are useless if you don't think your family and friends will get along with him or her.

Be sure to check their entire gallery portfolio and not just a few pieces of sample work. Maybe visit a linked Facebook page too.

Remember, good photographers, don’t just record the details but also tell a great story through the gallery of images. An amazing ability to capture candid, special, and unique moments is critical. Clearly discuss the style that you want and assess whether your chosen photographer can deliver.

Lastly, book the photographer ahead of time. When you try to book just a few weeks or months before your wedding day, chances are you’d have a hard time hiring the best photographers in town.

Photographs last a lifetime

The fresh flowers will eventually wither, the cake and drinks will be consumed, the music will stop, and the wedding day itself will inevitably end. Everything will just remain a memory but the photographs will last a lifetime. Your gallery collection of wedding photos will be your ticket to one of the most beautiful days in your life that you would want to relive time and time again.