Is the wedding soon? So, who is paying for the wedding?

It shouldn’t really be an issue when the subject of who is paying for the wedding crops up. It’s normal for engaged couples to have several discussions about their wedding budget. Although there are couples that finance their ceremony themselves, there are occasions when the family of both parties gets involved. So, when it’s the latter, who should be putting up their hand when it comes to paying for the wedding and what?

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but it can also be one of the most expensive days in your existence. The thing about money is that it remains to be an uncomfortable subject for most people and can cause strains on family relationships. Don’t let this deter you from planning your wedding your way. Clear up who's paying for the wedding sooner, rather than later.

When it comes to costs, this will depend on what type of wedding you decide to have. Apart from the ceremony itself, there’s the venue, food, setting, entertainment, and the number of guests. Given that there will surely be a significant expense involved, it’s ideal that you prep months, even a year or so before your chosen date — this will ensure that you get everything at the best prices.

Aside from the general costs of holding a wedding and reception, you also have to think about how extensively you and your groom will be covering the costs of your wedding party: the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and so on. By no means should you feel pressured to pay for everything here, but do be considerate of the costs that these people will incur by having a special role in your ceremony.

Traditional Setting - Paying for the Wedding

Traditionally, there are specific expenses that are covered by either the bride’s or groom’s side of the family. Here are some guidelines for paying for the wedding:

Bride and Family - Paying for the Wedding

  • Reception and invitations
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Wedding cake
  • Bridal gown and bridal entourage’s outfits
  • Gifts for the bridal entourage
  • Gift for the groom
  • Accommodations for the bridal entourage (if any)

Groom and Family - Paying for the Wedding

  • Engagement party
  • Wedding rings
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding car
  • Groom’s suit and outfits for the groom’s entourage
  • Gifts for the groom’s entourage
  • Gift for the bride
  • Honeymoon

A Modern Take

As mentioned, modern-minded couples usually save enough to cover their wedding expenses on their own and are fine paying for the wedding themselves.

In this case, it might be rarer for parents to have to shoulder any of the related expenses. If there’s any sharing to be done, it’s usually arranged between the bride and groom.

A modern take on splitting the wedding bill is sharing costs on a per-head basis. Basically, the bride and groom pay for the guests on their side or split everything halfway. Sounds like a fairer way of paying for the wedding. If parents insist on getting involved, they usually take care of part of the reception expenses as a gift to the couple.

Regardless of which approach you will decide to go with, try your best not to let the spending component cause rifts in your family and with your husband-to-be. Talk about what’s reasonable, affordable, and doable. The trick is to compromise and be flexible. All you really need is some rational thinking and a solid plan and you won’t have any large financial hurdles to worry about paying for the wedding.


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