Wedding Kiss

Written by Chris

Importance of the Wedding Kiss

As an experienced wedding photographer (or perhaps an avid wedding attendee), the one defining moment from every ceremony stands out in our minds has to be the wedding kiss...right? What a magical moment.

Pop in a breath mint and get your Chapstick ready, we’re going to be talking about…you guessed it, the wedding kiss.

Perhaps the most important part of a couple’s ceremony is their first kiss.  Historically speaking, this is the moment Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed seal the deal on their new life together, much like a handshake...only with their lips!

This is truly a visual representation of the first moment that their lives have been joined together as one.  Because this moment is so important you will very much want to know that your chosen wedding photographer will have not just a good photo of you kiss, more like a dozen captures in that defining moment. And more importantly a real knack for making that moment as magical and beautiful as the kiss is significant.

The Wedding Kiss Must be Captured!

Always remember:  the kiss that takes place during the ceremony MUST be captured!  The wedding kiss is really a make or break for the successful wedding photo collection.

Enjoy this embrace. The Wedding kiss may literally last just a few seconds. Feel free to linger a little longer. Hold your embrace for a little while longer. You'll want to really connect with each other. Maybe you can forget that the whole world is looking at you both. Just Get lost in the moment and stop time. The photograph will do the same!

Here's a cute little challenge for you the bride...while the witnesses are signing hold your man close and sneak a candid kiss while no one is paying attention, these will turn out to be a nice addition to your collection of memories.  

After the wedding kiss the wedding coverage really fires up . A little more relaxed, a little less nerves. Once the ceremony is complete, the fun begins.  Bridesmaids, groomsmen, relatives, so many creative photo opportunities! 

Memories of the Wedding Kiss

Rarely will there be a moment more looked back with nostalgia than those first few moments sealing the marriage.  Time is a precious commodity as the ceremony winds down. With a talented photographer like Cyruis from Lighthouse there is no risk of a lost memory.

Did you know we keep every photo taken and worth keeping in at least 4 locations? For your grandkids sake.

The buildup before the kiss...

Here's a powerful love exercise you can explore with your partner. Powerful and healing, the perfect expression of happiness, contentment and love.

  • Stare into each others eyes for at least 20 seconds
  • Feel the love magnetically pull each of you towards the other until your lips meet.
  • Have the slowest & longest kiss of your lives. 

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The Wedding Kiss

Wedding Kiss